“Jurassic Park” in real life.

imgParque Jurásico III4

Hans Larsson, Chair of macro-evolution of McGill University in Montreal, hopes to play in this chicken-missing features dinosaurs millions of years ago, genetically manipulating chick embryos.

This research is in its infancy, the scientist admitted in an interview with AFP, but could lead one day to produce living prehistoric reptiles. However, Larsson has no plans to bring the investigation to this point, ethical and practical reasons.

Build a breeding ground for dinosaurs “would be an undertaking too vast. The goal is only offering a “picture of the evolution,” said Larsoon, who has studied the evolution of birds for 10 years.

“If I can clearly demonstrate the potential for anatomical development of dinosaurs exists in birds, then this proves that birds descended directly from dinosaurs,” he said.

Several scientific bodies and Canadian National Geograhic group agreed to fund the project, whose idea came after talks with a famous American paleontologist, Jack Horner, who was technical adviser to the films ‘Jurassic Park’.

Horner recently wrote a book called ‘How to build a dinosaur’, citing experiments in embryos as part of the quest to create a ‘pollosaurio’.


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