Kate Hudson wants A-Rod’s baby

kate and alex

Kate Hudson has only been dating New York Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez for a few months, but she’s already hoping to start a family with him.

The actress has a son – Ryder, 5 – with ex-husband Chris Robinson, but a friend of hers explains: “She just turned 30 and she’s ready to have her second child. She wants Ryder to have a sibling, so she brought up the idea to Alex and told him that they would make a beautiful baby together, and that she would assume all financial responsibility.”

But the pal adds that A-Rod, who has daughters Natasha, 4, and Ella, 16 months, with ex-wife Cynthia, is just not ready for more kids right now. That hasn’t stopped him from getting closer to Kate. Last week, the couple stayed at a Hyatt in Toronto together when Alex was there for a game.

“Kate loves Toronto and has friends in town,” explains an insider, but it doesn’t sound like she spent much time apart from her boyfriend. “Kate and Alex had a major romantic dinner date at the Bymark – a very high-end restaurant,” explains the insider. “After dinner they went straight back to their suite at the Hyatt, and she didn’t surface until 2 the following afternoon!”

Kate has even introduced Alex to her mom, Goldie Hawn, and Goldie’s partner, Kurt Russell, who accompanied her to Yankee Stadium on August 8 to watch the Yankees play the Boston Red Sox.

“They cheered when Alex was at bat and he smiled at them when he was on third base,” says an onlooker. Kate has become a fixture at Alex’s games, and she was recently joined by mom Goldie and Goldie’s partner, Kurt. “Alex was flirting with Kate” in the stands, says one baseball fan.

It seems that Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson’s relationship going strong, but Alex Rodriguez’s ex warns Kate  that he’s a player and maybe its gonna brake her heart.

So Kate.. dont take it to seriously for now!


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