Janet Jackson offers to raise Michael’s kids


CBS News reports that Michael Jackson‘s baby sister Janet is willing to take his children under her care. A source told the news outlet that Ms. Jackson has bonded with the Paris, Prince Michael, and Prince Michael II since their father’s death.

For now, they are staying the Jackson home with matriarch, Katharine Jackson.

According to the article, the children’s lives since their father’s death has been “apparently different. The kids do not hide behinds masks as they did with their father and have attended Jehaova’s Witness services with the family.

They are grieving but happy to be amongst family. A friend of Michael Jackson’s said of the children, “They believe that they’re going to see Dad again when he’s awakened from his sleep, that is, when he is resurrected from the dead.”

A custody hearing for Michael Jackson‘s children was scheduled for today but has been postponed.

Being that Janet is the only Jackson worth a penny, she could support her brother’s children and become their legal guardian, especially if the kids are comfortable with her and the rest of the Jacksons.


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