Zac Efron comes out of the closet?

zac e

Apparently Zac has grown closer to openly gay star, Lance Bass, ever since they starred in a sketch for Star Magazine reports the metrosexual star and the former boy bander chat several times a week. One source even claims Zac gave Lance a special gift on his birthday. ‘He got him a rocket pendant on a chain, since Lance loves space and wanted to travel to the moon,’ says the source.

Zac’s friendship with Lance isn’t the only reason why he’s got people speculating about his sexuality. Apparently Efron also wants to cross dress.

During a recent interview with E! Online, Efron said he wants to be in girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens’ upcoming action flick, Sucker Punch, because he’d love to work with director Zach Snyder. Although the movie may have an all-girl cast, the ‘High School Musical’ star said he’d be willing to play a woman, just so he can be in it. Talk about dispelling rumors!

I dont think so..its no bad to have a gay friend, why ppl always talk $%^&*, because they talk it doesnt means that his gay, well… its kind of weird that he wanna play a woman!!


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