Elizabeth Adeney: 66 year old pregnant woman


The internet is buzzing about the 66-year-old pregnant woman in the U.K. Elizabeth Adeney is eight months pregnant, and when her baby is born will be one of the oldest new mothers in the world. Elizabeth is taking criticism for her pregnancy since she made the decision to have in vitro fertilization.

Adeney, a divorcee, will raise the child alone and will be almost 80 years old when the child enters high school. She is a woman of means, who is in good health, but this is sure to reignite debate about parenting late in life.

The number of women who gave birth after 40 increased from 12,103 in 1996 to 23,706 in 2006, according to UK statistics. In 2004, Britain’s Office for National Statistics released population data that found, “an ever-widening gap between fertility rates along social class lines, with wealthier women waiting until their 40s to have children while the birth rate among the youngest age groups is mainly among poorer mothers.”

Despite the obvious increase in popularity, detractors say that just because a woman can give birth late in life, doesn’t mean she should, “Women do not have the right to have a child; the child has a right to a suitable home,” said former Secretary of State for Health in Britain, Virginia Bottomley, while addressing post-menopausal pregnancy.


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