The Web is excited by monster mystery


Just when you thought it was safe to take a romantic walk along the beach, another Montauk Monster washes up on the shores of Long Island.

Another, you say? Yes: Last year, the original Monster caused a huge stir across the Web. Nobody knew what it was, but reports indicated it was big, bloated, beaked, and rather gross-looking. Naturally, onlookers couldn’t turn away then, and they can’t turn away now. (If you’re feeling brave and you haven’t eaten in a while, check out the story and images from Newsday.)

After Fox News and several other publications reported the latest Monster discovery, queries on the corpulent carcass roared like an angry wildebeest. Within 24 hours, searches on what is the montauk monster (a very good question) and “montauk monster pictures” were both red-hot.

Additionally, blogs are now chiming in with their theories on the creature’s origin. Was it planted by pranksters? For what it’s worth, the urban legend experts at write that there seems to be “no consensus” as to whether the original Monster was real, photoshopped, or just a very large raccoon.

Want to decide for yourself? Beware — even for the Internet, these guys are pretty gross.



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