Wacky Obama collectibles

obama collec.

Companies have come up with nearly every conceivable way to create an Obama product. But one researcher took it to a new level, naming a new fungus after the president.

I saw an article with the funniest, cutest and downright weirdest Obama goods:

Chia Obama: Chi-chi-chi… Seriously?
Surprise! A mini-Obama pops up to the tune of  Hail to the Chief.
Obama O’s:
The breakfast of presidents, apparently.
The Audacity of Soap:
All-natural bar soap.
‘Barick’ Obama:
Cow’s milk cheese formed into baricks.
Obama-branded water.
Obama iPhone cover:
Only for the 3G.
Obama Nike Air Force Ones:
As Nelly would say: “Get to stomping in my Air Force Ones.”
Yes, we can wear these presidential PJ’s.
Obama Keds:
Support the Chief down to your feet.
Wide variety, from canvas totes to leather clutches.
Really creative designs here.
Action figures:
Some even talk.
Comic books:
The president and the first lady in comics.
Obama paper dolls:
Old school paper dolls.
Support the president down to the smallest detail.
The president’s mug on silk ties and more.
Trucker caps: Hide a bad hair day and show your support.
Sasha and Malia dolls:
The first lady opposed them.



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