Lindsay flirting with Jared Leto

lindsay-lohan & jared-leto
And more news about our friend Lindsay…I think we ♥ her after all, she always make news for all of us.. don’t you think? Hehe…

Ok this girl confuses all of us.. but I think what she’s doing is catching Samantha’s attention, The new? Flirt with a former in public, but for Lindsay that’s the best way to get over a break up.. girl…you better do something good with your life!!! Enough to be every day in the news.. gossips.

After rumors that boys are on her mind again, the party-hopping actress was spotted getting up close and personal with Jared Leto!!!.. at the Roosevelt Hotel, where Nylon magazine and MySpace’s Young Hollywood poolside party was happening.

Lindsay arrived shortly before midnight with her 15-year-old sis, Ali in tow and was seated at a table right next to where the Hills cast was filming.

But she only had eyes for Jared when he approached the table and took her into a suite…

Jared came over to Lindsay’s table to get her, and then they walked into the MTV suite together, an eyewitness tells E! News. “Inside the private suite, Jared pinned Lindsay against the wall and they looked superflirty.  He was whispering in her ear, and their bodies were close together.”

The two were alone in a secluded part of the suite for about 20 minutes. They reportedly had a fling after filming Chapter 27 together in 2005.

The Roosevelt was actually Lindsay’s second stop of the night. Earlier, she and her sis stopped by the Sunset Tower Hotel for the launch party of’s original TV Series Haute and Bothered.

Do you think Lindsay is a bad influence on little sis?


One Response to “Lindsay flirting with Jared Leto”

  1. Alexandra Says:

    Hell yeah she’s a bad example.
    But I don’t blame her. Jared is a fine piece of ass.

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