Lady Gaga’s Playboy Shoot.. noooot

Lady Gaga

For those who thought that she will say yes…. X

Posing for Playboy might be many a women’s dream, but clearly for not for the stunning Lady Gaga. Yeap, así como lo leen!.. no está interesada en mostrar más allá de lo que ven sus fans en el escenario, para ella todo es música.

The pop sensation, known for her revealing stage outfits, often performs and hits the town in just corsets and stockings, has apparently refused an offer to pose naked for Playboy,

The star claims that her eye is definitely focused on a successful music career, and stripping down for the men’s magazine isn’t going to help that.

She says, “I mean, if I was a glamour model, I would be delighted (with Playboy’s offer), but for me it’s all about the music.” Quiero decir que si fuese una modelo glamorosa, estaría encantada (con la oferta de Playboy), pero para mi todo es la música.

But she hasn’t ruled out baring all for Hugh Hefner’s publication in the future. She jokes: “Ask me again, though, when I have a new album to plug.” Pregúntenme de nuevo cuando tenga un nuevo album que promocionar.

Ufff que realista la lady, bien dicho!!


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