Keep Your PC Secrets Safe

Everyone has something to hide. On their computer that is. Whether it’s information about finances, romances, passwords or just private files you want to keep from the prying eyes of your friends, family members, co-workers or hackers.

I found an article about a free software hides and protects your private bits an bytes is the SafeHouse, a company that sells security software for corporate applications, is offering a free program that lets PC users lock down their private data. SafeHouse Explorer is a full-feature, standalone app that hides, locks and encrypts documents, spreadsheets, photos, video or almost any other digitized info you want to keep secure.

SafeHouse claims that the software is easy to use: Simply drag and drop files into SafeHouse Explorer folders, just as with Windows Explorer. You can also run the software and store the files on a USB drive in order to keep delicate data completely off your computer.

SafeHouse Explorer uses advanced encryption, and a graphical password-strength meter helps you chose the best password possible. Plus, it offers an unlimited number of “storage vaults” as large as 2,000 gigabytes each.

SafeHouse Explorer gives everyday PC users piece of mind. And we can think of several celebrities who would have considered it priceless to keep their private moments out of view of the world.


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