TI & Justin Timberlake – Dead and Gone



The track starts immediately with the sung chorus by Justin Timberlake. This eases the song into another rap about the hard life of a hip hop artist, trying to get rid of old rep and poor life, carrying on from the message conveyed in Live Your Life. Little hypocritical considering the life they lead now, but c’est la vie.

T.I. has the potential and some would say he currently is the best hip hop artist at the moment, in terms of artistic quality, with songs like Why You Wanna, Porn Star and Swagga Like Us; his raps can be enough to re-enthuse faith into the hip hop genre. However, with this great power comes great responsibility and his following two tracks, Live Your Life and Dead And Gone, have taken a more “pop” route, appealing to the masses and sounding less hip hop and more “down with the kids, word”. To cap it all off, Justin Timberlake sings the chorus to add the finishing touches to this hip-pop machine.


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